Out of the Box Thinking through Mathematics

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in Out of the Box Thinking through Mathematics (OOBT)

Level 1

School Class 5 & Above

Lecture duration 20 hours

Level 2

School Class 7 & Above

Lecture duration 20 hours

Level 3

School Class 9 & Above

Lecture duration 30 hours

Level 4

School Class 11 & Above

Lecture duration 30 hours

Certification Exam

Date of Exam: 22nd December

Level 1 & 3 (in parallel)

Morning Session

Level 2 & 4 (in parallel)

Afternoon Session

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Apart from recorded lecture sessions, each level provides periodic assignments and answers.


Familiarity with basic concepts and ready mindset for learning non-routine problem-solving skills.


Shri Sadagopan Rajesh (Founder - Aryabhatta Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 32+ Years in the space of Math Education).

Registration & Certification

  1. Course is free online.
  2. Course Registration will be open for each level every year.
  3. Recorded lectures are posted every week during the ten-week course.
  4. Students should go through the lectures before practicing the assignments posted biweekly.
  5. Students desiring certification must opt for the final exam during the Exam Registration process that carries a nominal fee.
  6. Final exam will be a proctored one and conducted at centres in select cities across India.
  7. Certification is based on evaluation of the same.
  8. Grade certificate will be issued by IIT Madras Pravartak only for students who take the exam and get grades.

Certificates based on Grades

Certification is based on evaluation. Grade certificate will be issued by IITM Pravartak only for students who take the exam and get grades. (Nominal Fee Required)

Grade A: 85% & Above

Grade B: 70% to less than 85%

Grade C: 55% to less than 70%

Grade D: 40 % to less than 55%

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Here are the key points to understand about out-of-the-box thinking in a mathematics course based on the provided information:

Logic as the Foundation

The course recognizes that logic is the foundational principle of mathematics. However, it goes further by emphasizing the importance of logic in the broader context of solving real-world problems, especially in the realm of technology.

Beyond Arithmetic

Out-of-the-box thinking acknowledges that while arithmetic is a fundamental aspect of mathematics, the logic behind problem-solving is even more critical. It's not just about crunching numbers but about how to think creatively to arrive at solutions.

Creativity and Broad Perception

The course encourages students to think creatively and develop a broader perception when approaching mathematical problems. It involves looking at problems from different angles, exploring unconventional methods, and thinking outside the constraints of traditional mathematical procedures.

Indirect and Creative Approach

Out-of-the-box thinking often involves indirect and creative problem-solving approaches. It means finding solutions through innovative reasoning that may not be immediately apparent or straightforward.

Rediscovering Known and Unknown Facts

The course aims to help students logically rediscover the known and unknown aspects of mathematics. This means revisiting familiar concepts with fresh perspectives and exploring unfamiliar areas with a logical mindset.

Problem Solving with Unconventional Ideas

Out-of-the-box thinking in mathematics encourages the use of unconventional ideas to solve problems. It challenges students to explore solutions that may not be found by following traditional mathematical algorithms.

Emphasis on Broader Application

The course extends the application of mathematical thinking beyond the classroom, highlighting its relevance in the expanding world of technology. It equips students with skills to tackle real-world challenges by thinking logically and creatively.

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