Become a School Coordinator (SPOC) for IIT Madras Pravartak's OOBT course: An Opportunity For Teachers

What is Out of The Box Thinking (OOBT) Course?

OOBT stands for "Out of The Box Thinking." It is an online course provided by the IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation. This course is designed to cultivate innovative and creative thinking among students, emphasizing problem-solving skills and the interconnection between mathematics and logic.

The course is accessible for school children and is structured into four graded independent levels, with each level presenting various approaches to problem-solving. 

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OOBT SPOC stands for Out of The Box Thinking Single Point of Contact. It refers to the designated individual, typically a teacher or faculty member, who acts as the bridge between IIT Madras Pravartak Foundation and their respective school or educational institution.

The primary role of an OOBT SPOC is to promote, facilitate, and oversee the implementation of the Out of The Box Thinking course within the school, encouraging student participation and providing necessary support throughout the learning process.


Who can register as an IITM Pravartak OOBT Single Point of Contact (SPOC)?

Any teacher in a school or Faculty member of a school is eligible to register with the permission of their Principal or Headmaster or Headmistress

 What are the responsibilities of IITM Pravartak OOBT SPOC?

  • Put up the publicity posters (which will be shared by IITM Pravartak) within the school or college on the notice boards.
  • Conduct awareness sessions on the OOBT course to all students in your school.
  • Motivate students to enroll on the free OOBT course.
  • Give feedback and suggestions on the OOBT course.
  • Nominate teachers as mentors who can extend support to students to answer their queries.
  • Share relevant information with the students on a regular basis so that there is progress in their learning with respect to the OOBT course.

What are the benefits of becoming an IITM Pravartak OOBT SPOC?

For Teachers (SPOC):

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Become Effective Mentors
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the Teacher from IITM Pravartak for the above efforts.

For School:

  • Enhanced Academic Performance of your students
  • Appreciation certificate to the school based on the number of students participating in the course. 


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