Join us for an immersive exploration into the fascinating realm of Generative AI (GenAI). This workshop is designed to introduce students to the vast potential of Generative AI and equip them with the knowledge to build their own roadmap in this cutting-edge field.

Workshop Details

Date: To be announced soon
Time: 6:00 PM
Mode: Online(Zoom Live)
Requirements: Curiosity, laptop and a good internet connection

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Topics to be covered:

1- What is Generative AI and what all it covers?
2- Current Capabilities of GenAI
3- How Companies are Using GenAI in Software Development
4- Building a Portfolio in GenAI

Who should attend:

1- Software Development enthusiasts 
2- Junior software developers
3- Software dev interns
4- Product management interns
5- CSE, AI & DS students

About the Speaker:

Karthik P is the co-founder and CEO of Crion Learning Private Limited an upskilling company providing technology skills and certification programs on Data Science and AI. He is an alumnus of IIT Madras with experience in working with companies like Ather Energy, Dell, BPCL, Saint Gobain, etc. He has 8 years experience in working with technologies like Data Science, Metaverse, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Digital Twin and AI.

Join us for an inspiring journey into the world of Generative AI! Let's shape the future together.

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