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Date: 28th Nov 2023
Time: 6 PM
Mode: Online(Live)
Speaker: Ms. Nandini Raman, M.Sc in Psychology, Consultant Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Columnist with The Hindu

 Who Should Participate:

  • School Students - 9th class and above
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Educators
  • UG Students

About the Session

  • Have you ever been so nervous and anxious about an exam that you actually freeze and are not able to do anything at all?
  • Found yourself unable to recall material during the exam and then recalled everything afterwards? 
  • Had trouble focusing on exam questions because of interfering thoughts
  • Wishing you had studied harder and prepared a little better and done that last revision?
  • Or worse dropped fast asleep at the desk during the exam?
Let’s discuss all this and much more and discover some helpful strategies that will help you approach your exams with a lot more confidence. 

This session is organized by BodhBridge in collaboration with Amrita University.


We understand that exams can be a source of stress, and Ms Nandini Raman, our esteemed Consultant counsellor and Corporate Trainer is here to guide you through strategies that will transform your exam experience. Whether you've felt the jitters, struggled to recall information, or wished for better preparation, you're in the right place.

About Ms Nandini Raman,

Nandini holds an M.Sc in Psychology from Madras University and a B. A in Psychology & Education, from Sophia College, Bombay University.

She also completed her basic and advanced course in ‘Counseling Psychology’ from ‘Madras University’ and ‘Emmaus’ and interned with none other than the leading psychotherapist, Dr Emma Gonsalvez (late) in Chennai.

She quit a promising career in the corporate mainstream entertainment world in Bombay, where she worked in the marketing and media promotions department of international music major labels – Sony Music and Universal Music, working with the likes of AR Rahman, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Diana King, Ricky Martin to mention a few and moved to Chennai in Dec 2005 to pursue her passion to help and empower people.

Today, she is a consultant counsellor; a corporate trainer and a columnist with The Hindu’s educational supplement called The Edge and contributes to a successful bimonthly column called ‘Off The Edge’. 

To know more about Ms Nandini Raman click here.


We will explore these common exam challenges and join us to uncover effective strategies for enhanced confidence and performance.

Let's navigate through these experiences together and empower you with practical techniques for a more successful exam approach. Your journey to exam success begins with knowledge and strategies tailored to your needs.