Resin Workshop

For Beginners by Resonatte

Age: 16 Years + | Fees : ₹9440/- (Inc. Taxes) | BTM Layout, Bengaluru



16 Years +


June 13 - June 17


2 PM - 3:30 PM
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BTM Layout, Bengaluru
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Priyanka Sharma (Resonatte)


Join our Resin Art workshop and master diverse techniques over 5 days! From exploring resin types and safety guidelines to creating marbled effects, mystical Evil Eye designs, mesmerizing ring pours, and serene beach themes, you'll craft stunning, customized artworks that inspire and enchant.

Fees will include materials that will be provided by the organiser.

₹100 food & beverage voucher on all days.

About Priyanka (Resonatte)

Introducing me, Priyanka, the creative soul behind Resonatte, a world of sensory wonders! With a passion for craftsmanship, I mold wax into candles, infusing spaces with comforting light and soothing aromas. My resin art captures fleeting moments, freezing them into captivating visual narratives. Soaps, crafted with care, transform bathing into a luxurious experience, leaving skin pampered and refreshed. Every piece of handmade jewelry I create tells a unique story, blending elegance and individuality. Through texture art, I paint with a tactile palette, inviting touch and exploration. Join me in this artistic odyssey, where every creation is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. 

Resin Workshop for Beginner's | Resonatte | BTM Layout, Bengaluru

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Day-wise Schedule

Day 1

Introduction to Resin art

  • An overview of Resin Art.
  • Exploring the various types of Resin accessible in the market.
  • Familiarization with diverse colouring agents like pigments, dyes, and alcohol inks.
  • Safety guidelines and precautions when working with Resin.
  • Instruction on incorporating assorted objects, such as dried flowers, beads, or charms, into resin for crafting distinctive and customized pieces.

Day 2

Resin Marbling Technique

  • Discover the techniques for creating captivating, marbled effects in resin, from choosing the ideal colour scheme to mastering swirling methods, resulting in mesmerizing designs.
  • Learn to craft extraordinary resin creations, spanning from abstract paintings to functional decorations, each with its own enchanting allure.
  • Produce exquisite, marbled artworks that enchant and ignite inspiration.

Day 3

Resin Evil Eye art

  • Delve into the mystical world of resin Evil Eye Art, where ancient symbolism meets modern resin crafting techniques.
  • Discover the secrets behind crafting intricate Evil Eye designs, from colour symbolism to resin pouring techniques.
  • Learn to harness the spiritual significance of the Evil Eye symbol as you create stunning resin artworks infused with protection and cultural heritage.

Day 4

Ring Pour Technique

  • The ring pour resin technique involves layering coloured resin in concentric circles to create mesmerizing, swirling designs.
  • By pouring resin in a circular motion and manipulating the surface, intricate patterns and vibrant colour blends emerge.
  • Let’s make a coaster using Ring Pour Technique

Day 5

Resin Beach Theme

  • Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the seaside with our Resin Beach Theme Art course, where resin art meets coastal inspiration.

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