Kids Art Summer Camp

by Resonatte

Age: 7 Years + | Fees : ₹8500/- (Inc. Taxes) | BTM Layout, Bengaluru



7 Years +


18 & 19 May, 25 & 26 May, 1 & 2 June


11:30 AM - 1 PM
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BTM Layout, Bengaluru
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Priyanka Sharma (Resonatte)


Join us this summer for a fun-filled week that combines creativity, fun, artistic exploration and growth. Learn about different art forms, explore different art materials and step forward on your artistic journey this summer with 6 unique projects. Suitable for kids age of 7 Yrs +.  Get ₹100/- vouchers for every session you attend.

Fees will include materials that will be provided by the organiser.

About Priyanka (Resonatte)

Introducing me, Priyanka, the creative soul behind Resonatte, a world of sensory wonders! With a passion for craftsmanship, I mold wax into candles, infusing spaces with comforting light and soothing aromas. My resin art captures fleeting moments, freezing them into captivating visual narratives. Soaps, crafted with care, transform bathing into a luxurious experience, leaving skin pampered and refreshed. Every piece of handmade jewelry I create tells a unique story, blending elegance and individuality. Through texture art, I paint with a tactile palette, inviting touch and exploration. Join me in this artistic odyssey, where every creation is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. 

Kids Art Summer Camp | Resonatte | BTM Layout, Bengaluru

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Day-wise Schedule

Day 1

Magic Mugs: Paint Your Story

  • Enjoy a creative mug painting session with interactive fun for kids.
  • Experiment with various painting techniques and colors to create personalized mugs.
  • Take away a unique keepsake that reflects their imagination and story.

Day 2

Colour Waves: Explore Fluid Painting

  • Explore fluid painting, where colors blend to form mesmerizing patterns.
  • Try different pouring techniques such as dirty pour, flip cup, and swipe for dynamic art.
  • Craft vibrant abstract artworks on canvas reflecting creativity and color exploration.

Day 3

Beads & Baubles: Create Your Signature Bracelet

  • Explore jewelry-making with kids crafting their own unique bracelets.
  • Try different beads, baubles, and strings to customize bracelet designs.
  • Learn essential beading techniques like knotting and threading.
  • Leave with a personalized bracelet, a reflection of their creativity.

Day 4

Name in Lights: Personalized Name Plate Workshop

  • Customize your space with a nameplate showing your name or favorite phrase.
  • Discover woodworking and painting basics for crafting a wooden nameplate base.
  • Experiment with various lettering styles and decorations for a unique design.
  • Take home a personalized nameplate, adding personality to their room.

Day 5

Under the Sea Adventures: Clay Creatures Workshop

  • Venture into an underwater adventure crafting clay sea creature.
  • Master molding, shaping, and detailing for clay sculpting basics.
  • Discover diverse sea creatures to inspire imaginative creations.
  • Take home a vibrant collection of clay creatures for display.

Day 6

Pom Pom Paradise: Craft Your Own Bookmark

  • Delve into a realm of fluffy fun by creating pom pom bookmarks.
  • Master pom pom crafting with yarn and various-sized pom pom makers.
  • Explore diverse bookmark designs with beads, ribbons, and charms.
  • Depart with a vibrant and whimsical bookmark for personalized reading adventures.

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