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Pearson Career Counselling Certification

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Pearson India Academy

in partnership with BodhBridge ESPL

offers you a Career Counsellor Certification using MCMF Psychometric Assessment.

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Who can enroll?

This course is suitable for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in career counselling, including

Career development practitioners

School counsellors


Life coaches



Study Abroad Counsellors / Admission Counsellors

Employment consultants / Human Resources Professionals

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in Career Counselling


Any Graduate can apply.

Pearson Career Counsellor Certification

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  1. Registration
  2. MCMF Psychometric Assessment details (Self Paced) : 30-40 mins
  3. Self Analysis of the MCMF Psychometric Assessment Report : 20-30 mins
  4. First Live Session (Joining link will be shared 24 hrs before) : 1.5 hrs
  5. Second Live Session (Joining link will be shared 24 hrs before) : 1.5 hrs
  6. Counsellor Evaluation Form : 30 mins
  7. Finishing the reading material and submitting the assignment(Self Paced) : 2-3 hrs
  8. One-to-One Review Meeting with the Master Instructor(to be scheduled after the submission of counsellors evaluation sheet) : 15-20 mins
  9. Issuing of the certificate(to be issued within 7 days of the review meeting)


Introduction to Career Counselling

  1. Overview of Career Counselling Principles
  2. Importance and impact of career guidance

Understanding the MCMF Framework

  1. MCMF Career Guidance Framework
  2. Understanding Career Decision making process

Assessment Techniques in Career Counselling

  1. Using MCMF for assessing personality and interests
  2. Identifying academic strengths and career inclinations
  3. Integrating CAP (Choice, Academics, Personality) in counselling

Interpreting MCMF Psychometric Assessment Reports

  1. Making an action plan based on the report.
  2. Awareness about different Career Clusters

Career Guidance & Counselling Tools

  1. Using self-assessment tools for career planning
  2. Personal Counselling Sheet for Students
  3. Handbook on Top 100 Careers.

Counselling Skills Development

  1. Effective communication and rapport-building
  2. Active listening, empathy, and validation techniques
  3. Setting goals and expectations with clients

Engaging Parents in Career Counselling

  1. Importance of parental involvement in career decision-making
  2. Techniques for effective communication with parents
  3. Using the "Counseling Sheet" for feedback and insights

Understanding the Job Market

  1. Exploring career opportunities
  2. Adapting career guidance for a global workforce
  3. Trends and future directions in employment

Evaluation and Feedback

  1. Utilising evaluation tools like counsellor evaluation sheets
  2. Feedback mechanisms and continuous improvement

Instructors' Profile

Mr Balaraju Kondaveeti

M.S. (Entrepreneurship), IIT Madras | Co-founded (Bodhbridge ESPL)

Holds 2 patents (granted) in the area of Internet Security. Former Consultant to IIT Madras(NPTEL, BS Degree Program)

Awards- Best Student Plan Award in the Business Plan Conclave Organized by PAN IIT Global Conference 2008, National Budding Innovator Award, in 2009 from NRDC, a Govt. of India Enterprise.

In 2009, he co-founded BodhBridge Educational Services (P) Limited incubated in C-TIDES, IIT Madras. Connected with 2,000 educational institutions across the country. BodhBridge ESPL has been selected for the Nasscom Emerge 50 Awards, 2011.

Dr Priyadharshini S.K

PhD in HR, IIT Madras DOMS | Chief Product Officer at BodhBridge ESPL

Dr. Priyadharshini’s impressive academic background - a PhD in Organizational Behavior from IIT Madras and a strong foundation in Psychology - fuels her passion for understanding human behavior and its impact on organizational success. This deep understanding seamlessly translates into her research, teaching, and corporate advisory work.

Dr. Priyadharshini's dedication goes beyond theory. She actively bridges the gap between theoretical insights and practical applications. This commitment is evident in her co-development of MCMF, a tool designed to empower students and parents to make informed career choices. This initiative reflects her broader desire to empower individuals.

Her journey as a scholar and practitioner has been enriched by international exposure. A DAAD fellowship in Germany broadened her perspective on global people dynamics. Dr. Priyadharshini is a respected educator, inspiring students in both India and abroad. Her areas of expertise encompass People and Culture, Organization Development, Transformation, and Assessment.

Dr Arunabala

PhD in Microfinance, IIT Madras | Former Faculty at NIT Calicut, Christ University | IBS Bengaluru

Dr. Arunabala, an IIT Madras alumna, holds a PhD in Microfinance and employee productivity. With teaching stints at NIT Calicut and Christ University, she's been at IBS-Bangalore since 2019. Expertise includes organizational behavior, HRM, HR analytics, change management, and Business Research Methods. As a psychologist, she specializes in employee behavior, notably focusing on Gen Z's work values. Dr. Arunabala actively mentors students and has published extensively in prestigious journals.

In 2020, Dr. Arunabala co-authored a booklet on "Domestic Violence and Workplace" with Diversity Collective. She was subsequently invited to Hindustan Times Podcasts to discuss the topic. Dr. Arunabala actively raises awareness about domestic violence across multiple platforms. Additionally, she conducts courses and serves as a guest speaker on HR analytics. She's also an external consultant for Emmerry Technologies through Vision and Magic Consultancy and Fyredge Consulting.

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30 days no questions asked refund policy. If you want to cancel your registration for any reason you may request a refund within 30 days of payment provided you haven't started the course.

Note: Pearson Career Counselling Certification is designed for educational purposes exclusively. It does not authorize participants to offer therapy or clinical counselling services.


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Top 100 Careers Handbook

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