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by Upfunda Academy

Age: 6-10 Years(Jr) & 11-15 Years (Sr) | Fees : ₹3000/- (Inc. Taxes)



Upfunda Academy


6 - 10 Years (Juniors)
11 - 16 Years (Seniors)



Session Dates

6th May - 31st May
(Monday - Friday)

Session Duration

1 Hour

Number of Sessions

20 Sessions
*10 Sessions for Rubik's Cube*




Welcome to the Upfunda Academy Summer Camp, where learning meets fun for children aged 6 to 15 years old! Our summer camp offers a diverse range of activities designed to engage young minds and foster creativity, critical thinking, and skill development.

For our junior campers (ages 6-10), we have an exciting lineup of activities tailored to their interests and developmental stage. They can delve into the world of logical thinking with Logical Math sessions conducted by our esteemed Logical Math Club. Additionally, they can explore the basics of programming through Scratch Coding workshops facilitated by the Coding Club. For those interested in language enrichment, our Language Club offers Hindi-Spoken classes to enhance communication skills, as well as Hindi Reading & Writing sessions to strengthen literacy. Junior campers with a knack for puzzles and challenges can join the Rubik's Cube Club to learn the art of solving the classic Rubik's Cube 3x3.

For our senior campers (ages 11-15), we offer an equally engaging array of activities. They can further hone their logical reasoning skills with Logical Math sessions and delve deeper into programming concepts with Coding workshops, both conducted by our experienced Coding Club instructors. Our Language Club also offers Hindi Spoken classes to enhance communication skills for this age group. Senior campers looking for a challenge can join the Rubik's Cube Club to master the more complex Rubik's Cube 4x4.

At Upfunda Academy Summer Camp, children will not only have a blast but also acquire valuable skills that will benefit them academically and beyond. Join us for an unforgettable summer of learning and fun!

About Upfunda Academy

Upfunda Academy offers live online classes for classes 1 to 10 exclusively for Logical Maths. We have built our own curriculum for kids to develop their Logical math skills with creative teaching methods that are fun and easy to understand. Upfunda helps kids learn logical math, coding and new languages online from world's top teachers.

Online Summer Camp | Upfunda Academy

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