IIT Madras Pravartak

IIT Madras Pravartak - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification

IIT Madras Pravartak - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification

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Program Description

  • To provide an overview of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Understand how Bitcoin Ecosystem works, Hash functions, their payoff chart, and how these can be used while investing
  • Understand the basics of the Public Key Cryptosystem
  • Learn about Digital Signatures (DSS), Keys, Bitcoin nodes
  • Master wallets, Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Thoroughly complete lab modules & projects for the above mentioned



Lead Faculty: Prof. Pandugrangan, Chair IISc, IIT-M Computer Science Department
Teaching Hours: 80 (30 hours of theory, 30 hours of lab, rest student independent learning)
Certification: IIT Madras Pravartak


 S. No Modules
1 Orientation & Mixer
  • Financial Systems, Traditional Currency & Centralized Banking Systems (2008 Crisis)
  • Cardinal Canons Of Cryptocurrency: Decentralization
  • E-Cash, Hashing, Byzantine Agreement, Consensus Protocols, Blockchain
  • Cryptography Basics: Hashing, Public Key Cryptosystem
  • Compression Functions, SHA, RIPEMD Families
  • Digital Signatures (DSS); Elliptic Curves, Message Authentication, and Integrity
4 Lab
  • Public Key Cryptosystem, Cryptography
  • Bitcoin Ecosystem
  • Bitcoin Peer-to-peer Network, Wallet, Address, Transactions, Blocks, Mining, and Proof Of Work For Consensus, Blockchain, Testnets
  • Keys, Bitcoin Nodes
6 Lab
  • Workshop On Identifying 5 Use Cases; Business Perspective
  • Office Hours
  • Keys, Wallets, Bitcoin Nodes
  • Transactions In More Detail, Outputs And Inputs 
  • Blocks
  • Blockchains
  • Practice On Testnet
  • Transaction Scripts And Components, Pay-to-public Key-Hash (P2PKH), Multisignature, Pay-to-script Hash (P2SH)
8 Lab
  • Blockchains (Preceding Module)
9 Bitcoin Network Revisited: Node Types And Roles, SVP Nodes And Bloom Filters, Transaction Pool, Network Discovery, And Full Nodes
10 Lab
  • Blockchains (Preceding Module)
  • Blocks: Structure Of A Block, Header, Identifier
  • Merkle Trees, Chaining Blocks To Form A Blockchain
12 Lab
  • Blockchains (Preceding Module)
13 Mining And Consensus: Bitcoin Economics And Currency Creation, Coinbase Transaction
14 Lab
  • Blockchains (Preceding Module)
  • Proof Of Work, Difficulty Adjustments, Consensus Rules, Hard And Soft Forks
  • Bitcoin Security And Blockchain Applications
  • Recent Directions And Developments
16 Lab
  • Project Showcase1
17 Lab
  • Project Showcase2


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