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Whether you're exploring career options, seeking advice on professional development, or navigating a career transition, we're here to support you.

About Poonam

Poonam Sharma Shah is a devoted mother and a seasoned professional in career and education consulting.

With an MBA in marketing and over 12 years of industry expertise in IT education and telecom, Poonam's journey took a pivotal turn during a transformative experience while working with students at an NGO.

Witnessing the impact of insufficient information on young minds making crucial career choices ignited her passion to make a difference.

Driven by this calling, Poonam pursued the necessary certifications and gained relevant experience to launch Aspire Career Planning, fuelled by the commitment to empower students, graduates, and working professionals with informed decisions.

Her profound counselling experience and exceptional research skills have guided numerous individuals toward unlocking their true potential.

Poonam excels not just in identifying optimal career paths but also in meticulously crafting strategic plans that steer individuals toward their desired career destinations.

Her dedication lies in ensuring that every individual she works with finds their footing in the professional world.
Join Poonam on this transformative journey towards realizing your aspirations and achieving your career goals.

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