Certified Career Counsellor

Swapna Khade

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pearson Career Counselling Certification


Certified By



24 Years


Mumbai, India


English, Hindi, Marathi


60 Mins


Monday - Friday | 11AM - 5PM IST


Online / In-Person




Career counselling.

Scientific Career Assessment

Time management and Goal Setting

Competitive Exam Guidance & Strategies (All Streams)

Student Profile Development

Effective Statement of purpose and Resume Building

Student - Parent Counselling

About Swapna Khade

Founder - H.O.P.E. Career Guidance

I am an Architect with Masters in Urban Design (Mumbai University) and a certified career counsellor. Out of the 24 years of professional experience that I was fortunate to have, majority was spent in teaching at the Mumbai University.

During my teaching career, I also had multiple opportunities of handling leadership and administrative roles effectively. Teaching profession humbled me to understand that every student comes from a different perspective and that individuality of mindsets must be appreciated and encouraged for a sound personal and professional growth. Throughout my career, I was often sought after as the solution finder in any challenging situation. According to me teamwork and constructive collaborations are of the strongest pillars that support growth of any person or an organisation.

I am trained and certified in using and interpreting the Career Assessment & Counselling assessment tool of Pearson India - MCMF (My Choice My Future). As a career counselor, I work with positive approach and a non-judgemental mindset. Being a compassionate person and a good listener, I have often been told by students that they find comfort and connection with me. I am grateful for their faith in me.

As per the academic strengths, skills, personality traits and passions of students (8th std. to graduates), I help in subject selection, course selection, developing student profiles for strong resume, goal setting for better academic excellence and employment results etc. So that students can wisely take informed decisions about their education, training and career choices.
The idea is to give them the ability to explore the roadmaps to achieve the most suitable and desired goals through the prisms of their own beautiful minds. I strongly believe that networking and navigation in the right direction at the right time are particularly important steps in any career development process.

H.O.P.E. Career Guidance is a permanent place for career guidance in ever changing and dynamic situations of education in India.

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