Top Careers for a Bright Future - Tips to make a right career choice

Top Careers for a Bright Future - Tips to make a right career choice

Top Careers for a Bright Future

“Get good marks in your twelfth, finish four years of college and you are sorted”, is a statement that every student hears while growing up. Children tend to follow the herd mentality and take up engineering or medicine as a rite of passage and get into a job that pays them decently, irrespective of whether they enjoy it or not. However, what follows is either anxiety or burnout because they are not able to sustain at a job they don’t truly enjoy doing.

The underlying observation is that career choice plays a key role in shaping up the student’s future course of action. The right choice can be empowering while the wrong choice can completely take things down. It is at this point that career guidance plays a major role in helping a student take up the path best suited for him.  In a country like India, these concepts are still nascent at best. Choice is pretty much an alien concept and parents believe that engineering, medicine and accountancy are the way to go. 

However, for every engineer we see, we also come across a successful writer or UX designer.  There are many options available for students to choose and pursue a career in. It is for this reason we have brought out a career guidance book titled ‘Secure your future - top 100 careers’.

In this book, we have outlined and discussed career options across multiple streams such as engineering, IT, healthcare, defense, BFSI, railways, paramedical, hospitality, tourism, art, design and entertainment. It primarily caters to students in grades 10,11 and 12 and their parents and aims to educate them on the various career options at hand, exams and jobs associated with the choices. It covers an exhaustive number of options across the aforementioned sectors and can give a clear idea to the student on how to proceed after secondary school. 

The handbook discusses popular streams and suitable career options in each stream. For instance, the options range from chef to a banker, from a software engineer to a film producer. For each career option, we have provided additional details such as the objective of the role, associated entrance exams and salary range in the market.  This would help the parents and children sit together and understand how to go forward and plan for the child’s future accordingly.

When the student loves a particular field, it would be best to let him pursue it as the child would inherently have motivation to excel and would strive hard. A wrong career choice can lower the child’s morale and could make him assume that he is not good at what he does. 

The first step towards finding out the right career option is awareness of the multiple choices that exist for people to take up. This book has an exhaustive list of such choices across various domains. It gives a good opportunity to know what are the major domains and the choices in each. This can pave the way for the students to choose what sector they enjoy and work on seeing which option in the chosen sector excites them the most. We have also covered international opportunities in each sector, so that aspect is sorted out, as well. The book will help people make informed, balanced decisions as it has data points to corroborate the information. 

To all the parents, we would suggest that you get our career handbook on Top 100 Carers and help carve a bright future for your child. Keeping the young workforce happy, employable and accountable was what primarily drove us to work on compiling this book with interesting career options around us. We hope you are able to empower your child with the right choice!

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