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"How to make a robust career choice? | Career Guidance Workshop by IIT Madras Alumni

"How to make a robust career choice? | Career Guidance Workshop by IIT Madras Alumni

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Note: We suggest a child should attend this workshop with one of their parents.

Are you looking for guidance on how to pursue a successful career? Do you want to make a career choice based on your strengths? Do you want to gain insights into the latest trends and opportunities in different fields? If yes, then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are excited to announce a career guidance workshop conducted by IIT Madras alumni for school students and their parents. The workshop is designed to provide you with valuable information and guidance on choosing the right career path.

The workshop will cover various aspects of career planning, including: 

  1. Understanding different career options
  2. Identifying your strengths and interests
  3. Navigating the admission process
  4. Developing essential skills for success
  5. Building a strong network

 Our alumni have a wealth of knowledge and experience in different fields, and they are eager to share their insights with you.

This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to interact with successful professionals and gain valuable insights into their career journeys.

So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to jumpstart your career. Register now to secure your spot in the workshop and start your journey toward a successful future!

Program Objective:

Students and parents go through a lot of stress while making a career choice. Many students go through a lot more stress when it comes to employment after completing their degree. Some of them get into domains where the demand is low and they also tend to join courses that they don't like. Obviously, it has an impact on student's performance and employment. 

Career guidance, therefore, is absolutely necessary in India because students need to be mentally prepared to face the world after graduation. Moreover, with a high percentage of youngsters making up the Indian demographic, we also need to make sure that the young workforce is employable, accountable and most importantly, happy.

To help parents and students, we are launching Career Guidance Summer Camp Workshops for 9th Class to 12th Class students.

Program Fee: Rs. 2,999 including GST

 What will you get?

  • Career guidance assessment
  • Personalized Assessment Report
  • Handbook on Top 100 careers
  • Report interpretation session
  • Career guidance session: How to choose the right career?, How to plan your career?
  • How to become irreplaceable in the job market and stay happy?
  • Interaction with IIT Madras Alumni
Program outcomes:
  • Improved self-understanding
  • Identify personal strengths
  • Improved understanding between parents and children
  • Increased awareness of career options
  • Explore career choices based on strengths
  • Awareness of various careers, courses, competitive exams, scholarships, and colleges
  • Identification of areas for self-improvement
  • Develop an action plan for career advancement.

Profile of the Master Trainer:

Mr.Balaraju Kondaveeti completed his M.S. (Entrepreneurship) from IIT Madras. He is a B.Tech in ECE from JNTU Hyderabad. As part of his M.S. (Entrepreneurship), he founded a company in 2006. Mr.Balaraju holds 2 patents (granted) in the area of Internet Security.

"How to make a robust career choice? Join this Career Guidance Workshop for School Students and Parents conducted by IIT Madras Alumni"

These patents were licensed to Lasersoft Infosystems, a Polaris group company. Mr.Balaraju won the Best Student Plan Award in the Business Plan Conclave Organized by PAN IIT Global Conference 2008. Mr.Balaraju won the National Budding Innovator Award, in 2009 from NRDC, a Govt. of India Enterprise.

In 2009, he co-founded BodhBridge Educational Services (P) Limited which is incubated in C-TIDES, IIT Madras.BodhBridge ESPL runs the popular portal called and is connected with 2000 educational institutions across the country. BodhBridge has been selected for Nasscom Emerge 50 Awards, 2011. company in 2006. Mr Balaraju has been a consultant in two large projects at IIT Madras, namely, NPTEL and IITM BS Degree Program.

For any assistance call 9003106272or email

About BodhBridge ESPL:

BodhBridge ESPL was an IIT Madras incubated company started in 2009 by Mr. Balaraju Kondaveeti, IIT Madras Alumni. Over the last 14 years, BodhBridge and Mr. Balaraju Kondaveeti worked closely with IIT Madras, NPTEL, Colleges & Schools across India, Governments, CSR organizations, and NGOs and helped more than 4 Lakh students with Career Guidance, Learning, Placement preparation, etc. As part of Career Guidance also, BodhBridge helped more than 1L students. As part of these activities, Mr. Balaraju Kondaveeti personally interacted with thousands of students and parents.

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